Jesus and Temptation

Luke 4: 1-15

rootedchristToday we see the temptation of Jesus.  This is something very important for us to realize.  Temptation itself is not a sin.  We all need to understand that.  We will all face temptation.  It is something that we will all deal with.  Remember what we said yesterday?  That Jesus was fully God and that He was sinless.  That is a Biblical and historic truth of the Christian faith.  Jesus was without sin.

Yet, we see here in this text that Jesus faced temptation, just as you and I do, every day.  Jesus was tempted.  That must mean that temptation is not a sin.  Facing, struggling, battling with temptation is not a sin.  Jesus did.  You and have and will continue to.  It is part of what every human struggle with.

Well, when does it become a sin?  When it takes hold.  Jesus faced temptation, from the devil himself.  And what did He did?  He stopped it dead in its tracks.  He did not give it room to grow in His heart or in His mind.  He quoted scripture (correctly, unlike the devil) and ended the battle.

What can we take from this?  First, you will face temptation. Be ready. But second, it is knowing scripture. What passages can you call to mind when you are tempted? Where do you turn?  Jesus knew where to turn, and it helped Him prevail in this fight.

We see Jesus face temptation today.  When our time comes today, may we be ready, as He was.

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