A Job to Do

 Luke 3: 1-20

rootedchristIn our reading today, we see John do amazing deeds.  He is baptizing in the Jordan River, and everyone comes out to see.  Everyone.  The righteous as well as the unrighteous.  Everyone comes out to see just what he is up to.  They don’t necessarily hear words of encouragement (we may say in our terms, John was a hellfire preacher).  He calls the people to turn from their sins, be baptized, and live a different life.  Tax collectors were to stop stealing.  People were to share and show mercy.  They were to live out the heart of the law.

What a life!  What a ministry.  John did things that most every preacher wishes that they could be a part of!  Revival began to break out, because of how John was faithful to his calling.  That is so amazing, so impressive. But here to me, is something even more amazing.  John knew who he was.  He knew what his calling was.  He knew who the savior of the world was.  And it wasn’t him.

John knew that the world needed a savior.  That savior was Jesus, not John.  John knew his role, he knew his calling.  He knew what he was supposed to do for the Gospel.  He knew he didn’t have to save the world.  He just has to point to the one who would save the world.

That’s a great lesson for us today, as well.  Our job is not to save the world.  I know we feel like it is sometimes. But it is not.  Our job is to point to the one who saves the world.  Our job is to point to Jesus, in all ways, and in all places. That’s it.  When we do that, when we point to Jesus, as John did, we are being faithful, as John was.

Today, just like John, we have a job to do.  May we do it as faithfully as John did.

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