Jesus’ Effect

Today’s reading is Luke 2: 22-52

rootedchristToday we see some of Jesus’ interaction with different people.  We see, even as a child, the effect he has upon Simeon and Anna.  They were longing, and he has been promised that he would see the deliverer of Israel.  They met Jesus, and in that meeting, they saw what they had longed for.  They met the savior of God’s people.  That is remarkable but as remarkable as what happens later.  Jesus goes to the Temple, and the teachers of the law are amazed by Him.  They had not seen one like Him before.  They were blown away, and could not understand how one so young, untrained, and from a place of insignificance could be so wise.  How could He know these things?  How could He understand?  Who was He?

One of the things that we will see over and over again the Gospels, in the Bible, and in our lives is this.  Jesus makes an impact.  No one ever truly meets Jesus and is left unchanged.  Jesus changes things.  Jesus changes lives.  Jesus changes you and me.  Jesus changes everything.

We see that in the text today.  We see it in the world.  And we see it in ourselves.

Today, how has Jesus changed you?  How has Jesus made a difference in your life?  In your family?  Don’t ever forget the difference Jesus makes in our lives.

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