Who God Uses

Today’s reading is Luke 2: 1-21

rootedchristNow today we read the account of Jesus’ birth. This is something that I know you have read before, and if you have been to church in the last few weeks you’ve probably heard at least one sermon based off this text.  There are many things that we could say about it, but I want to point to something that we saw play out yesterday.  Why were Joseph and Mary going to Bethlehem?  Well, he was from there, sure.  But why was he going there?  Caesar declared that there would be a tax, so everyone had to go to the land that they were from.  So, Joseph had to go to Bethlehem, which the scriptures said must happen.  This was God’s plan, but how did it play out?  Through the command of Gentile, non-believer.  Caesar actually thought he was a god, as did many others.

Yet, the actual God of creation was at work in this moment, causing this to happen.  God was at work in ways that no one saw or understood.  But God was most assuredly at work.

I just think as Christians we forget that now.  As the world changes, as things change, as people change, we can be tempted to believe that God is not active and not there.  Never give into that false belief.  God used a pagan king to bring about His will.  Trust in God’s goodness.  Trust in God’s plan.  Trust in God’s will.  Even when the path looks unsure.  Trust.

God was working in this moment.  As He is working in your life even now.

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