Star Wars and Faith at Camp Wesley Pines – Day Two

As we talked about yesterday, during my teaching at Camp Wesley Pines this week I am drawing comparisons between characters in Star Wars and different Biblical characters.  Last night we looked at Moses and Aaron and who they can relate to.  Their story begins in Exodus 4: 13-17:

13 But Moses said, “Please, my Lord, just send someone else.” 14 Then the Lord got angry at Moses and said, “What about your brother Aaron the Levite? I know he can speak very well. He’s on his way out to meet you now, and he’s looking forward to seeing you. 15 Speak to him and tell him what he’s supposed to say. I’ll help both of you speak, and I’ll teach both of you what to do. 16 Aaron will speak for you to the people. He’ll be a spokesperson for you, and you will be like God for him. 17 Take this shepherd’s rod with you too so that you can do the signs.”

Moses and Aaron form an amazing team.  They make each other better.  They each have something that helps the other do amazing things.  Moses has that special connection to God, he speaks for God like few before or after.  But Aaron he is able to put what Moses says into a language and an understand that the people can understand.

Now, they are each able to do things independent of each other, receives the Law, Aaron leads the worship, but together, they are amazing.

13442033023_b072b84d81_bAnd they remind me of C3PO and R2D2.  They are a team.  And they need each other.  They balance the other out.  They are stronger together.  And together they can do amazing things.

For us as Christians, we are the same.  We need each other.  Yes, we can all do amazing things by ourselves and on our own.  But we need each other.  We are better together.  We are better connected.

We make each other better Christians, friends, neighbors, community members.

Just like Moses and Aaron needed each other to be faithful to God’s call, and just like C3PO and R2D2 make a great team,  we need each other.

Do not take each other for granted.  Be thankful for those that you love and that love you.  May we never forget that we need each other.

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