Not Your Fight

Today, you may be in the middle of a struggle.  You may be in the middle of a fight, in the middle of a battle, in the middle of something bad.  If that is the case (and even if it’s not, it may be someday!) listen to the words from Psalm 35 this today:

1 Lord, argue with those who argue with me;
fight with those who fight against me!
2 Grab a shield and armor;
stand up and help me!
3 Use your spear and ax
against those who are out to get me!
Say to me: “I’m your salvation!”

boxing-glovesToday, it’s not your fight.  The battle is not yours.  It’s not up to you to solve everything, do everything, fix everything.  The battle is the Lord.

The Lord is the one in the midst of the fight.  He is your defender, He is your strength, He is your hope.  The battle is not up to you.  The fight is not up to you.  It’s His.Do not think that the monster before your

Do not think that the monster before you must be slain by your own hand or your own strength.  Do not think that the struggle you face is one that you must face alone and by your own power.

By ourselves, we couldn’t fight it.  By ourselves, we couldn’t win.  By ourselves, we couldn’t even stand.  But through Him and in Him, the battle is already won.  The fight is already over.  The monster is already slain.

The fight is not yours.  In fact, the fight is already done.

But why?  Why is this case?  Verse 3 is the key – He is our salvation.  The fight is His, so that when the battle is over, He will be gloried.  It’s all about Him.

When God accomplishes this, the only possible thing that we can now do is give Him glory and honor.  When the Lord wins the battle, He deserves the praise.

So, today, whatever battle you face, remember it’s not your fight.  It’s the Lord’s.  He will win the battle. And when He does, be sure to give Him all the praise!

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