Remember This

urlAs we have walked through Holy Week together, today we make the crucial turn.  Today is Maundy (or Holy) Thursday.  If you are in the Pine Belt, we’d love to have you worship with us tonight at Asbury, starting at 6 p.m. tonight for Maundy Thursday service.  It is truly one of our best and most meaningful services of the year.  I hope you can join us!

This is the day where the events of Good Friday, and by extension, Easter, start coming into focus.  The events of this day can be read in all the Gospels, but I want us to look at what John tells us in John 13:1-38.  You can click on that link to read the entire passage, but there are a few particular things I want us to notice.

You need to remember, that for Jesus, this would be the last time He would be with His disciples before the Resurrection.  This would be their last meal together, their last time together, His last teaching together.  So, He wants to leave them with is more important.  I think (and this is just me) that what we see in this passage is some of the clearest teaching and examples of who Jesus Christ is.  You want to leave your last moments with those that you love as something that they will remember.  He wants them to remember these things.

So what does He do?  First, He washes their feet.  Even though He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, He humbles Himself to being a servant.  He takes this humbling task and says this, you see what I did?  You must do the same.  You must serve.  As Christians, as followers of Christ, service must be our very heartbeat.

Then He tells them – one of you will betray me.  As the Bible tells us, Jesus was the Lamb slain before the foundations of the world.  He is the one that will save the people from their sin.  He is the one that will bring freedom and joy.  But to get to that freedom, the cross must be endured (and through Easter, triumphed over).  And to get their someone He loves will betray Him.

Today, Jesus understands your hurt, your pain, your betrayal. For He too has been hurt by one He loves.  Cast your cares upon Him.  He loves you.  He understands.  He is there.  Remember that.

And then He says – they will know you are mine, by your love.  Love.  Love.  Love each other.  Love them.  Love the world.  Love your friends.  Love your enemies.  Love everyone. That’s the mark of a Christian, that’s the  greatest spiritual gift.  Love.

And through this they are receiving the meal that many of us will receive tonight, Holy Communion.  A remembrance of His sacrifice, and a looking ahead to His victory.

So, today, remember.  Remember what our sins cost our savior.  Remember what He did to bring us back home.  And remember to love.  Remember to love.  Remember to love.  That’s what He wanted them to hear on that night, and that’s what He wants us to know today.  Remember to love.  For as we love, the world will know that we are His.  And as we love, we can change the world, all for His glory!

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