Remembering is an Act of Will

We are in the final countdown until Christmas. It’s almost here. We are going to rushing around, getting ready, finalizing stuff.

Some of us may be on the road already, heading to the parents or grandparents house.

Some of us may be at work for the last few days before the fun starts.

Others may be at home, lying around, enjoying the break.

No matter where you are today, remember this. Christmas is not about the stuff. It’s not about food, the traveling, the going, the coming, all that.

Now, these things are a lot of fun. We enjoy all these things. But other events have these elements. They are not Christmas.

nativity-sunrise-andrew-soundarajanChristmas is Jesus. Jesus is Christmas. That’s what all this is about. Remember that. Remember that.

Remember in this season why we do what we do. Remembering is an act of will. We have to make ourselves do it. Everything this week is going to want to cause you to shift your attention somewhere else.

Everything is going to make you pull your gaze from what truly matters.

Don’t do it. Why?

Because when we shift our attention from the reason for the season to the stuff of the season, we get frustrated. We get tired. We get cranky.

Instead of enjoying the stuff, we are just ready for it to all be over.

When we focus on the reason, we can enjoy.

Today, remember why. Make yourself remember. Make yourself focus on what matters. Make yourself remember Jesus.

In all things. Make yourself remember Jesus.

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