Why I Love My Church

logoOne of the things I believe so firmly is that no church is “better” than another one. We are all different; we have different callings, different visions, different things that we are supposed to be doing.

Those differences aren’t bad, in fact, they are good. It’s good that churches are different, that way we each do our part for the kingdom. It takes all of us. I never, ever, ever want to be the guy that says, my church is awesome, and your church stinks!

So, all that said, I just love my church. I love how open Asbury is, how we try our very best to love everyone, no matter who they are, no matter where they come from. We try our best to love, and leave the judgement stuff up to God.

I love that we are imperfect. I love that we get it wrong. If you aren’t willing to fail; you’ll never do anything big. We make mistakes, all the time. I make mistakes, all the time. And it’s ok. Because God is bigger than our mistakes.

I love that we care. That’s the thing that I just love the most. I love that we care. That we really do want to be Salt and Light, that we really do want to make a difference. That we really want to live out the grace that we’ve been given and love others in the same way.

I love that we believe relationships trump all.

I love my church. I love how we laugh and love and sweat and cry and succeed and fail. I love that we are authentic; we apologize for our mistakes, we try to do better, and we lean on Jesus.

I love that in the last month, our church has replaced someone’s trailer that should have been condemned with a new one, as a gift. Because it’s what Christians should do.

I love that we have jumped at the chance to serve Petal Upper Elementary School. We took up nearly 60 $25 Walmart gift cards to give to the teachers there, we fed them lunch, and I was able to share with the teachers just how much we love them.

I love my church. And I am thankful to not just serve Asbury as pastor, but I am thankful to be a part of it.

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