For all the Scared and the Restless

There are times in life when we do no fail safe.  There are times when we may be worried, we may be fretting, we may be fearful.  We may be facing a tremendous test or issue.

We may be in a season now where don’t feel “safe.”  Where we may feel unsure or unsteady.  We’ve all been there.

We may be there now.

If we aren’t or ever have been, at some point, we will be. We will all feel that way.  It’s ok.  It’s human.  But, for all of us that are scared and restless, listen to the words of Psalm 63: 7-8 today:

for you have been my help,
and in the shadow of your wings I will sing for joy.
My soul clings to you;
your right hand upholds me.

12-Benn-(Benejou-Rabinowicz--1905-89)--Psalm-91-4God is the one that is our help.  God is the one that strengthens us.  God is the one that sustains us, no matter what.

No matter what it may be in your life that is terrifying you.  No matter what it may be in your life that is scarring you.  No matter what is making you run.  No matter what.

You are safe in the shelter of His wing.  His right hand will uphold you. You can trust.  You can be believe.  You can hope.

You can know joy, during any struggle.  Because you are safe in Him.

So, for all the scared and restless, you can relax.  You can breathe.  You can hope.  Because God is there.  He has this.  He has you.  It is ok.

Rest in Him today.  You don’t have fret or fear.  He has you.

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