image-911crossToday is September 11, 2013.  Twelve years ago I was sitting in the break room at Memphis Theological Seminary watching what was happening on a old television.  This break room could maybe hold 50 people and we must have had over a 100 crammed in there.




We were stunned. Stunned at what we were seeing.  We couldn’t understand it.  And with MTS being such a diverse seminary, we had a couple of folks that had family in New York.  One of my classmates, their spouse was in the Pentagon that day.

We were all like the walking dead after that day, just stunned at what had happened.

But, that was 12 years ago. And what happens?  We forget.

We get busy.  Life returns to normal.  Those of us that remain, we eventually return to the normalcy of life.  We forget.

Today, though, stop.  Remember.

One of the things that we do as humans is build monuments. In scripture we build altars. As governments and people, we build monuments and memorials. Why? Because it’s human nature to forget.

We just do. We forget.

Today, go back in your mind to 12 years ago. Remember where you were. Remember what you felt. Remember. And then, go and thank a first responder. Or someone in the military. Any of these persons that would run into the fire while we ran the other way.

Remember. And then let that memory prompt action.

May we never forget where we where 12 years ago today. May we remember. And may we be faithful today.

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