Holly always tells me that when I get busy, I get grumpy. And she’s pretty right. And unfortunately  my natural condition is stay busy. Which means, in time, I’ll get grumpy.

I’ve been grumpy recently.  When I get like this, I only see the things that are wrong. The things I’m doing right, the things that Asbury isn’t doing right, the ways that we are missing the mark. Things that other pastors are doing. Things that other church are doing. Things that I’m not doing, that we are not doing. And I think man!  I’m terrible at this!

Did you know that a pastor could feel that way?  Maybe I’m the only one, but I do sometimes. I compare.  I fret.  I worry.  Especially when I’m in the grumpy mood.

When I’m in that mood, you could show me 100 things right, I’ll see the 1 wrong. I am thankful that this is not my natural condition. But, when I get too busy, I get tired, and when I get tired, I get grumpy.

So, today, I’ve just been discontented.  We’ve been away for a couple of days as a family, and a chance for me to catch my breath before starting Camp Meeting this Sunday. And I’ve just been thinking and praying and worrying and fretting. Tonight, though as I sat here, a thought hit me.  Now, I know this thought is from God, because it’s smarter than anything I’d think of.

Andy – you worry. You fret.  You get aggravated   You get annoyed.  You look at other churches, other pastors, other people and other things and see how you dont’ measure up.

You don’t pray.  Not like you need to.  Not as you ought. Not as I need you to.

You don’t pray.

And so, that’s where I am.  I need to pray.  I need to stop being grumpy, stop fretting, and start praying.

Maybe you’re in the same place.  Maybe instead of comparing yourself or worrying about everything you need to pray.  I know that I need to.

So, let’s pray.  Let’s give it to God. And let’s be faithful, in that, and in all things.

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