When the World Spins Out of Control

Habakkuk is one of the neater books in the Bible. In this book, the author talks about his list of problems and worries. He talks about all things that worry him, that concern him, that overwhelm him.

Many things. Many legitimate things, many things that caused him worry, pain and confusion. Many things that deeply bothered his soul. Many things that made him doubt, have struggles and have worries.

He talks about them.

And then at the end of chapter 2 he says this:

But the Lord is in his holy temple; let all the earth keep silence before him.”

worshipGod is in His temple. God is on the throne. God is at work. God is still alive. God is still working.

God is in control. When the world spins out of control. When life seems going way to fast, going in ways that you don’t like, you don’t understand, you can’t control, remember this.

The Lord is in His holy temple. Let all the earth keep silence before him. He is God. He is Lord. He is at work.

Stay calm. Trust. Even in the dark. Even in the fear. Breathe. Know this.

The Lord is in His temple.

He is in control. Even when life seems to be out of control.

God is in control.

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