Thoughts on Sin, Brokenness and Restoration. From NOLA

I’m here in New Orleans today for a wedding. Being away from home, I don’t sleep well. Already looking forward to being in my bed tonight. Anyway, I went for a walk down to Jackson Square this morning and went inside St. Louis Cathedral. I always have thought it was a beautiful church, and when I can, I like to go to a place and sit and think/pray.

There’s been some stuff in my own soul I’ve been dealing with, issues brokenness of and unfaithfulness in my life, places where I have felt the hand of The Lord convicting me. I like to sit and think at these times.

So, I as I sat and prayed, I picked up the reading for the day (for those of you that aren’t familiar, in the Roman Catholic Church, and other churches, there are suggested biblical readings for day and Sunday). And I as I read the readings, the Genesis reading was on the Tower of Babel. For those of you unfamiliar with that story, humanity becomes full of it’s self and decided to build a tower to heaven. God, knowing the potential of humanity, comes down confuses the people and causes them to speak different languages.

And that struck me, because you know what tomorrow is? Pentecost Sunday. On Pentecost, we are told that all the folks in Jerusalem heard Peter preach (as recorded in Acts 2) and heard in their own langauge.

At Babel, sin caused confusion, caused people to be separated and divided. At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit brough unity and allowed all that were there to hear the word of The Lord in their own language.

Pentecost reversed what happened at Babel. The one people were divided into many languages and groups. At Pentecost, the many languages become one.

God restored what sin had corrupted and destroyed.

God undid the effect of the sin.

God longs to restore what sin and the devil long to destroy. God longs to rebuild, restore, and reverse.

God longs to bring life, where sin has brought death.

He will restore us, our lives, our souls, our faith.

What man intended for evil, God intended for good. Genesis 50:20. May that be true in our lives today. And each day.

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