Why Does God Forgive Us?

urlGod is a God that forgives His people. He is a God that longs to restore and renew His people.

We get that. You’ve heard me say that a lot. You’ve seen me write that a lot. If you’ve been around my ministry for any length of time, you’ve heard multiple times that God is a God that loves us and forgives us. That His love for us is more than we can ever understand.

Ok, Andy, sure.

But why?

Why does God forgive us? Why does God restore us? Why does God renew us?


There are lots of reasons why. Lots of reasons why the Lord forgives us our sins and renews us.

The first is because He made us. He created us. He made us in His image and He loves us. As a father loves His children, so does God love us. Jesus came, suffered and died for our sins to pay the price for our sins.

Why? He loves us.

He made us. He loves us. That’s one reason why.

But, that’s not the only reason.

We see Isaiah talk about another reason this morning. Listen to what he says in Isaiah 63:13-14:

who led them through the depths? Like a horse in the desert, they did not stumble. Like livestock that go down into the valley, the Spirit of the Lord gave them rest. So you led your people, to make for yourself a glorious name.

He says that the Spirit of the Lord lead the people, He gave them rest. He restored them. He forgave them.


To make for Himself a glorious name. God forgives us and renews us to restart that relationship with us. And as we are renewed and restored, we have so many reasons to praise God and to give Him glory.

His forgiveness in our lives makes us praise Him. His mercy in our lives makes us to praise Him. His grace in our lives makes us to praise Him.

He loves your and forgives you because He loves you. And wants you to live your life for His glory. To make His name great. To live with love. With purpose. With joy. With peace. With mercy.

To give Him glory.

We aren’t just here for us. But for Him. That’s really our purpose in all of our lives. To give Him the glory.

To live for Him.

Today, you are forgiven. Know that you are loved. And live today as a response to that grace and love. And in that you will find your purpose.

And in that you will bring glory to His name.

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