Some Questions and Answers from Yesterday’s Sermon

One of the things about a sermon, particularly one that is different in style and substance, is that you don’t always see the background thoughts and processes behind what is said.

Several questions have popped up since yesterday’s sermon, so I thought I would answer them publicly in case anyone else may have been wondering the same thing.

What do you mean by apathy?

That is the $64,000 question. To me, apathy just means going through the routines, everything being the same; a loss of passion and motivation, just kind of floating.

And spiritually, I felt like that’s where we were headed. We had gotten into a rut recently where we were going in that direction – in worship, and in a few other areas.

Does that mean things are bad? No. God is blessing our church every Sunday. We are doing great things here each week. He is showering us with His blessings.

But, as pastor, I have felt this creeping complacency the last few weeks. I prayed about it, and nothing happened. I found myself growing frustrated with how to push us to that next level.

You know, how do we take that leap?

Why are you frustrated? Are you mad with Asbury? Did something happen?

Was I frustrated? Honestly, yes, I was, because as your pastor, and as your friend, I want to do all that I can do to help you achieve that “win” we talked about yesterday – growing closer to God.

But, I wasn’t at all angry with the church, or with anyone specifically. I was trying to impress upon you the importance of this moment, because I know what we can do here. I know our potential. I believe that we literally have the potential and ability to change Petal, Forrest County, Perry County and the entire world with the goodness of God’s love and grace.

Are you moving?

Gosh, NO! I was joking with someone today that I’ve learned that when I break out the stool, that’s where folks minds go! I am not going anywhere. I am as excited about the future of this church as I’ve ever been. We have HUGE things to do here in the coming years.


And we are going to do it.

Asbury is the absolute best place I’ve ever been in ministry. We have amazing potential. I want to see us achieve it. I want to see us achieve what God has for us to do.

Ok, so what do we do?

We take that leap. Move to what is next. In our lives. In our faith. In our families. We move forward. We share our faith with others. We plug in and serve. We pray, read our bible, and come to church.

We make every effort to be salt and light daily.

So, if I pushed a little hard yesterday, or seemed frustrated, it’s only because of this: I love you. I love this church. And I know what you, and we, can do together for the Kingdom. And

I want to see us do it.

Let’s be salt and light. Let’s make a difference today and every day!

One thought on “Some Questions and Answers from Yesterday’s Sermon

  1. What I saw and felt yesterday, was a man who was passionate about his friends, family and neighbors. I truly believe you’re right. Apathy will kill anything. Relationships, churches, homes… you name it. Complacency leaves room for idle minds to wander.
    Joining Asbury a couple weeks ago was so wonderful for my family and I. To hear this sermon yesterday from the pastor of our new church family was very uplifting and encouraging. Thanks for letting God use you, Andy.
    May God continue to bless!

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