You Can Do This!

God alone is our salvation. Nothing else. Not our actions, our faithfulness, or our lack of faithfulness.

God alone.

We see in Psalm 62: 1-2, David tell us that his souls waits upon God for salvation.

Look at how he says it:

For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation. He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken.

David says – for God alone he waits. He will not be shaken.

This would, can, and will shake us. Pain, tragedy, loss, worry, hurt, they will try to shake us.

Worries will try to shake us. The forces of evil will try to shake us. Our own fears will try to shake us.

Much will come our way today, and each day. Much will try to move, worry, or shake us.

And to this David says – I will wait upon the Lord. He is my salvation.

And I will not be shaken.

Today, you can do this. Today, you can be faithful. Today, no matter what comes your way, you do not have to be moved or be shaken.

You can do this.

Through God. Though God, you can do. Through God, you will not be moved. Through God, you can be strong. Through God you can overcome.

Through God, you can do this!

You can. He is your rock. Your salvation. Your hope. Your strength.

You can do this.

Through God.

Today, through Him, we will not be shaken. May He be our rock and salvation.

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