2011 Asbury Year End Report

In the church, we have a tension about numbers.  On one hand, numbers aren’t all that matters. We are a kingdom organization, not a numbers organization.  Having “more” doesn’t make you “better,” “deeper,” or more “spiritual.”

Numbers are not the totality of what we are about as a church.

But, that said, numbers do matter. Numbers are important.  Numbers matter in that they can be a measure of faithfulness. They are not the only measure, but they are a measure.

Attendance, membership, and other measures are important, for ever number represents a person. And every person is a person that Christ died for.

Numbers matter because people matter.

So, ministry is summarized in our numbers. But they do matter.  That said, I want to share with you some numbers from Asbury Church in 2011. And God is to be praised for this. He deserves all the praise, all the glory, everything for what is happening at Asbury.

In 2011, Asbury gained 80 new members (82 joined, 2 transferred membership to a church in Jackson), an increase of 15.2%.

In 2011, our average worship attendance rose from 325 to 405, an increase of 24.6%, and in two years (2009 – 2011) it has increased 125%!

In 2011 we had 33 adult baptisms resulting from first time professions of faith (i.e. folks getting saved!) 2 infant baptisms, and an additional 6 reaffirmation of baptisms.

And even in a tough economic climate the people of Asbury were not just faithful in terms of worship and service, but they were faithful in giving to the Kingdom financially through Asbury. The people of Asbury gave an addition $100,000 to our ministries, an increase of 23.9%.

In every measurable way, God has blessed our church in this past year, and the people of Asbury have been incredibly faithful.

These numbers aren’t all that matters. But they are record of faithfulness.  In Acts, story after story of faithfulness and fruitfulness is told. The Word says daily more were added to their number. So, these things do matter.

And the people of Asbury have and are being faithful and Kingdom mined.  May He get all the praise and glory for what we see happening here!

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