What Can We Learn from Acts 15, or the Institution of the church actually matters

Working through Acts 15 today.  Just a few thoughts that I’d like to share.

First, go check out this passage.

1.  Church matters. Everything in Acts happens in the confines of church. We see folks converted and plug into church. We see discussions and arguments within the church and the church say – we will go this way, this what we will do.

We see the church pray over and send folks out. We see church structure established.  We see leaders emerge.

In short, even though we live in an age where the growing edge of the evangelical world loves to critique and  criticize the church for not “doing” more or not being perfect, church is a good thing.

Yes, I said it.  Church is a good thing. Church matters.  It’s important.  The actual church matters.  Yes, the institution of the church matters.

It’s not just “me and Jesus.”  We as Christians are called to be part of something, part of this body.

Yes.  The institution of the church is a good thing.  Is is perfect.  No?  But it matters.

Even though it is fashionable to beat up on the institutional church, it still matters. I agree with Bill Hybals, the local church is the hope fo the world, because in the local church people meet Jesus.

Church matters.

2. There are moments of disagreement – Conflict is ok.  We see the church argue over what to do, where to go in regards to the Gentiles being converted.  There were arguments.

The church is also made of people. That means we are going to have disagreements.  That’s ok.  What do we do then? Can we stay focused on Jesus and His mission for the church?  Our will we love our opinion and “getting our way” more than we love Jesus and His mission for His church?

Conflict is not avoidable. It will arise. How will we handle it.

3. Leadership requires courage.  Peter had to speak. There was silience. Folks were looking, waiting. Peter stepped up to the plate. He spoke and gave leadership.

To be a leader means you have to make the hard call sometimes. Make the hard choice. Speak when no one wants to.  It ain’t easy. But, it’s what you have to do, if you lead.

These are just a few thoughts.  Hope they are are helpful to you!

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