Who Are You

Who are you?

That’s an odd question to start off a devotional with. What do I even mean by that?

What I mean is what defines you or makes you who you are?

Is it your job that makes you who you are? Your family? Your spouse? Your kids? Your success? Your failure? You house? You possessions? Your car? Your friends? Your power? Your . . . . whatever?

When you think about who you are, you life, your identity, what do you fall back on? What defines you?

Who are you?

Listen to the words of Psalm 100 this morning:

Acknowledge that the Lord is God!
He made us, and we are his.
We are his people, the sheep of his pasture.

I just love that line – we are the sheep of His pasture. It is God that made us. It is God that formed us. It is God that defined us. We are His.

And we are the sheep of His pasture.

Life is not defined by what is our prized possession. Life is defined by who’s prize possession we are. God’s. We are His treasure. As Scripture says, we are the apple of His eye. We are His beloved.

What’s who we are.

Do you believe that? Do you live like that? Do you live with that assurance and hope and life?

Your life is not found in stuff or success or possessions. Its found in this – you were created by God. You are His. You are the sheep of His pasture.

That’s who you are. Live in this knowledge. Live in this hope. Live in this assurance.

Who are you? You belong to God. You are His. Live in that joy today!

3 thoughts on “Who Are You

  1. Hi there!
    I was wondering if I could use your sheep pasture photo for a blog post I am also writing on Psalm 100. Not copying your thoughts, promise! 🙂 Though I like your post as well. You can find my blog at dancinglinguist.wordpress.com to see my style of blogging, though this will only be my second meditation on a Scripture. Thank you.

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