Angels of Light and Temptation

One of the passages that I read this morning was one of those verses that I remember being shown years ago and saying – Wow. It’s one of the verses I try to think about each day and try to let really convict me and draw me close to God.

Listen to what Paul writes in 2 Corinthians Chapter 11

14 But I am not surprised! Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

An angel of light. Doesn’t that sound really beautiful? Doesn’t that sound like something awesome? Something we should all want? Something we should all desire?

Something, fun. Pretty.  Clean.  Safe.

Paul says that is how Satan will disguises himself.  As an angel of light.

That is how temptation will come in our lives. As an angel of light.

It will look so good. . . . temptation always does.

Temptation always looks like it will be a great thing for us. Something will make our lives, or make that moment even better!

Temptation promise everything good and offers nothing bad, right?

But, that’s not the case. That is never the case with temptation. That is never the case with this disguised angel of light.

Bishop Ward, Bishop of the Mississippi Annual Conference was said in a sermon “Temptation promises life and leads to death. Disciples promise short-term pain, and leads to life.”

Temptation never bears the fruit it promises. It’s never as much fun. It never makes things easier. It never makes things more simple. It always brings hurt and destruction.



It is an angel of light.  Temptation will promise you something awesome. And disappointed you every time.

But God.  He promises abundant life. And delivers every time.  He doesn’t promise easy life. Or smooth life.  Or even always happy life.  He promises abundant life. And peace. and joy.

Today, temptation will come to you as angel of light. Don’t believe the lies. See it for what it is.

And trust in God. He will give you the strength to resist. And will give you the hope of abundant life.

2 thoughts on “Angels of Light and Temptation

  1. I would love for this to be a topic of a sermon one day. Or you could do a whole series on Temptation.
    There is soooo much we (everyday Joe’s) don’t know about Satan and temptation.
    Keep up the good work!

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