Light versus Dark

As those of you that have heard me preach on the subject know, I’m just fascinated by the concept of light and darkness.  Maybe that comes from my background in chemistry.  Maybe I’m just a geek. Who knows?

But, we do know this. There is no such thing as darkness.  Darkness doesn’t exist. It is simply the absence of light.

So, when light enters in, the darkness vanishes.  It doesn’t have a choice. When there is light, there simply is no darkness. It cannot abide where there is light.

So, when we realize that, listen to the words of John 1:

5 The light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness can never extinguish it.

He is talking about Jesus.  Jesus is the Light from God. And His light drives out all the darkness.

And I’m not just talking about darkness in a big picture sense. We know He will win the battle over evil one day. I’m talking about darkness on an individual level.

When His light enters in to the darkness, it drive the darkness out of the areas of our lives.

So, in that, where is there darkness in our lives? Where is that area of our lives, of our souls where darkness reigns?

Where is there hate. . . . pride. . . . .lust. . . . .whatever. . . . .

And in these areas, have we let the light of Christ enter in?

When we let that light of Christ into these areas, He drives out the darkness.  Darkness cannot remain where light is.  And He is the Light of the world.

Have we let His light into our lives?  Have we let it shine?  Have we given it to Him?

His light will drive out the darkness.

May He do so in our lives.

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