We are all Preachers

John the Baptist had one calling in his life.  He was called to prepare the way for Jesus.

He was out in the wilderness preaching, teaching, baptizing, and pointing.

He spent his life telling folks about the one that was to come after him.

He was sent to let folks know about Jesus.  We see that talked about in Mark’s Gospel today:

2 As it is written in the prophet Isaiah,
‘See, I am sending my messenger ahead of you,
who will prepare your way;
3the voice of one crying out in the wilderness:
“Prepare the way of the Lord,
make his paths straight,”‘

That was his mission, and honestly, it’s our mission as well.

We have the same calling.

Now, we are not going be going out to the wilderness preaching (I don’t think).

But, we will be preaching.  We are all preachers.

Maybe with out lips. But with our lives.

Everyday, we preach the goodness and grace of Jesus Christ.

With way you say, how you live, how you love.

Today, you are like John the Baptist.  You are here, pointing to Jesus. With all you do, all you say, all you are.

You are an arrow, pointing to heaven.

Today, with all we do, all we say, all we are, may we point to Jesus.

Today, we are all preachers.

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