What Does God Require?

One of the questions that is asked a lot in the prophets is what does God require of His people?

Through the Old Testament, the Law is given. The people are told, you are commanded to this,  you are commanded to do that.

The Law was given and the people were told to follow.

And that’s all that God requires, right? That’s all that He wants, right?  Follow the letter of the Law and it’s all good.

We see that addressed today in Hosea:

6For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice, the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.

God wanted the people to follow the Law. God wanted the people to do what He had commanded.  God wanted the people to be the people that He had called them to be.

But, it all starts first, not with following the Law. It starts with a broken heart.  It starts with a heart in love with God.  It starts with a spirit that willing to grow and be devoted to God.

God wants your actions, yes. God wants everything you do to glorify Him and serve Him.

God wants you to live for Him fully each day of your life.

But, God knows that the only way you will live for Him and follow His law is for Him to have your heart.

What does God require?  What does God want?

He wants your heart.  He wants your devotion.  He wants your spirit.

And, if He has that, He will have your actions.

May He have all of our hearts today.  And in that, He will have all of our actions.

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