This morning as I was reading through of the passages of scripture that we all have heard a lot and that we know pretty well, the Fruit of the Spirit, I was struck by the last verse in that section in a way that’d I’d never noticed before.

Paul writes this:

Live by the Spirit, I say, and do not gratify the desires of the flesh.

and this:

And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.

As I read this, I began to think about that notion of crucifixion. This notion of putting to death these things.  That we are supposed to die to our sinful passions and desire.

In short that we are supposed to be different.  As Christians, as those that follow Christ, we are called to be different that the world.

We are called to be different than the culture.

We are called to live, to love, to serve, to be different than the culture we are in. Different from the world.

We have a different Lord – so we have a different calling and a different way that we are supposed to live.  Not a life of self righteous judgment, mind you, but a life of love and service.

But, it comes back to that truth. We are called to be different. To put to death the past and it’s desires and live in the newness of life Jesus offers.

Today, are we different? Are we different than the world?  Do folks notice something different about us?  Do folks wonder what makes us different?  Why we have hope, peace, and joy?  Why we love?

Are we different?  If we are led by the Spirit and have put to death the old, we will be.

May we be different for our Lord in this day!

2 thoughts on “Different

  1. Andy – I reread the account of Pentecost in Acts 2 last night. The description was amazing. The crowd stood in “bewilderment”, “utter amazement”, “amazed”, “perplexed”etc. Some people made fun of them.

    I think that is how crowds should look at us if we are filled with the Holy Spirit.

  2. If we look no different than the world (not in terms of self righteous religion) but in terms of love and service and hope and peace, then why would they ever want to be part of this body?

    We have the awesome gift of grace and love and that’s got to still out into EVERYTHING we do!

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