Dry Spells and Voices

I’ve been going through a dry spell recently. Been really busy. I was a play a month or so ago, and that took a lot time. Of course church always keeps you pretty busy. And responsibilities within our Annual Conference. Family. Etc, etc, etc.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? We’ve all had those moments in life where our souls just feel dry. Those times where we just don’t hear. Don’t see. Feel alone. I just have felt like my soul has been a little dry these past few weeks.

I’ve been watching the kids tonight. Holly is working late and I’ve just been hanging out with them. It’s been fun. We’ve been to McDonald’s and eaten more McNuggets than really anyone should eat. In a life time.

We’ve played. We’ve had fun.

As I watched the kids play in our small sandbox, I just started praying. God, I need to hear you now. I just need to hear your voice. I know you’re there. I believe. I have faith. But, I need to hear. I need a drink of water. My soul is dry.

And then I look at my kids. And I realized how lucky I am. How all I’ve been through in life, all the ways God has literally spared my life, all the ways He has given SO much more grace than I deserve, even at my best moment. And my life, like every one’s is not a collection of my best moments. I guess that’s why it’s grace. We could never deserve it.

And it just hit me. God has shown His love to me every moment of life. Every instant I’ve been alive, God has poured out grace upon grace. And the reason my soul has been so dry is because I haven’t taken time to water it.

Dr. Frank Pollard, former pastor of First Baptist Church, Jackson, MS may have been the greatest preacher I’ve ever heard. He used to say that prayer is the oxygen that feeds our souls. There is abundant oxygen for our souls. There is abundant water for our drought. There is amazing grace for this time.

We just have to allow God open our hearts. We have to allow Him to calm us, slow us, speak to us, and breathe in us. And fill us.

Today, the water is ready. The drought is over. Drink in. Nourish your soul. Life awaits.

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